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Dziewczyna z załozonymi goglami wirtualnej rzeczywistości na tle zamkowej sali

Guided tours

The ruins of the Teutonic Castle in Toruń are one of the oldest and, at the same time, one of a kind, remains in the Chełmno Land. During the guided tour, you will learn how the Toruń castle stood out from the rest and what secrets it hides. The guided tour will be carried out by qualified guides, true history enthusiasts, from whom you will hear interesting stories not only about the castle, but also about the entire medieval era. You will feel the atmosphere of ancient times during walks in the courtyard, especially if you walk in the company of a guide in an outfit from the old days.

Demonstration of minting coins

Have you ever wondered how coins are made? We use them every day, so it would be worth knowing how they are created. Nowadays, we use special machines for this, and how did they manage in the Middle Ages? If you would like to see with your own eyes how Teutonic coins were made, we invite you to a unique spectacle held in our castle courtyard. This is the only opportunity to see the amazing process of minting a medieval coin and look at the tools that were used at the time. What’s more, a commemorative, hand-forged coin is provided for each participant. It could be an amazing experience!

Virtual reality

Would you like to climb the castle walls? Warm up by the fire in the kitchen and see what secrets are hidden in the basement? You will have such an opportunity during a virtual tour of the Teutonic Castle.

Knight fights show

Discover medieval customs! All those who are interested in history, but prefer to spend their time a bit more actively, are invited to the spectacular shows of knightly art. Horse tournaments, chivalry fights with the use of various types of medieval weapons or demonstrations of using a spear guarantee amazing fun. We have prepared numerous games for the youngest participants, during which they can make their dreams come true and feel like a real knight. Nothing more is needed to feel the amazing atmosphere of the Middle Ages!

na pierwszym planie zbroja rycerska, a w tle rycerz ubiera mężczyznę w strój rycerski

Plebeian games

Are you curious how simple townspeople spent their free time? We invite all daredevils who want to feel like at a medieval fair! Among the trials, among others: archery, knife throw, rope tug, horseshoe throw, spinning wheel and learning medieval court manners and many others.


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