Guided tours

We offer a guided tour, during which you will hear interesting stories not only about the castle, but also about the entire medieval era. The guided tour will be carried out by qualified guides, with whom you will feel the atmosphere of ancient times during your walks among the walls.

Organization cost: PLN 150
(+ entry ticket price)

Organization cost: PLN 200
(+ entry ticket price)

Castle lessons

We offer educational classes for organized groups, which cover a predetermined topic of lessons outdoors or indoors. The classes are intended for school groups.

Plebeian games

As part of plebeian games, we can offer you the following games: knife throwing, horseshoe throw, tug of war, twirling and medieval dances.

If You are interested in organizing a larger event, please contact us for an individual quote.

Organization cost: from PLN 150
(+ entry ticket price)

Organization cost: from PLN 400

Organization of a bonfire

It is possible to organize a bonfire in the courtyard or in the castle moat.

Additional services, such as the purchase of wood or the operation of the hearth, are priced individually. If you are interested in a longer event, please contact us.

Coin minting demonstration

We invite You to a unique show taking place in the castle courtyard, as part of which we offer a medieval coin minting show along with a brief history of their production. A hand-forged commemorative coin is provided for each participant.

Organization cost: PLN 150
(+ entry ticket price)

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