Open Call: Submission form

The deadline was 14 March 2022

Please, fill in all the fields marked with an asterisk (*). We suggest to start the application process with collecting material containing the visualization of the project. In case any technical difficulties occure or if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact us. The contact person is Patryk Dobrzyniecki:, phone: +48 662 072 845

The idea of 13th Bella Skyway Festival is “Event Horizon.”

You just need to look further than your eyes can see.
Then it may happen that the invisible becomes visible.

– Rafael Ábalos

In pre-pandemic times, our freedom of action allowed us to literally touch the horizon, overcome barriers and experience something new every day. The closing period caused many changes in our possibilities, ourselves and the space around us, but also caused that we opened our eyes to many things and began to perceive them in a new, unprecedented way. We are more aware that everything that happens around us is the result of events that we may or may not prevent. Inevitable changes take place and will take place both in human relations and in the natural environment. Just as, on the event horizon, everything that passes through it is lost at the same time, so also pandemics and climate change are forgotten when we don’t think about them. However, what will happen when we cross the border beyond which there will be no more essentials for life? Can we find ourselves in the new reality? Has our perception of the world changed so that we are ready to act? Are we open to new opportunities? The event horizon will be an opportunity to exceed the current limits, both for artists and the audience.

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