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Bella Skyway Festival

Projects form (deadline: 28.02.2019)

Please, fill in all the spaces in the projects form. We suggest to start the application process with collecting material containing the visualization of the project, which will be required at the second step. In case any difficulties occure when sending us the form or if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact us. The contact person is Sylwia Nurkiewicz: s.nurkiewicz@tak.torun.pl.

Contact details
Name and surname or the name of artistic group or company
City and country
E-mail address
Information about the artist
The most important accomplished projects
Information about the project
Name of the project
Will the project be created for the Bella Skyway Festival or was it already created or presented?
Type of the project (e.g. installation, mapping)
Description of the project
History of the project (circumstances of the creation, previous realizations)
Technical requirements the organizer must accomodate
Production costs (in case of new productions)
The salary of the artist
The cost of transport (optional)
Additional costs (optional)
Questions and remarks (optional)